Well! Hi my blog readers! Happy wishes, this is the time to share my first payment from Amazon Mturk. I think many members are working with Amazon Mturk!  Amazon is a biggest shopping site but they also have an Amazon Mturk web site that means them offering mechanical Turk. If you need more details about Amazon Mturk click here.

  Last Friday I received a post from local post master! When I opened the cover I shocked because the Mturk cheque arrived to me! I can believe that, yes Mturk says at least six weeks will take to reach the check. But I got the check in just ten days and I am feeling lucky.

  I deposited that cheque in my local bank the same day and the cheque cleared the next day to my account. It is citi bank cheque at payable at all citi bank branches! Ya my firs payment was 7,687.50 (seven thousand six hundred eighty seven 50/100 paisa) I can not say this is a small amount because this is greater than my real job salary, yes I am getting only 6,000/- per month from my company! Actually I request $154 from Mturk and they deducted $4 as a withdraw charge and they convert the balance $150 to Indian currency!

  They are exchanging the USD to Indian rupee by current exchange rate. (It was 51.25 when I request the payout). I am really enjoying this month because I got Double salary. I am feeling the Amazon Mturk earnings as another salary!

  I am really enjoying this site and now I am spending more time with Amazon Mturk. Mturk is great; you can find my AMAZON MTURK (AMAZON MECHANICAL TURK) payment proof here.


Thanks and regards,